About Us

Bookbag is a crowdsourced marketplace. No big vendors. No big corporations. Our sellers are regular people just like you. By keeping speculators out of the marketplace we are driving the cost of books down. Let's lower the cost of books together!

Does it seem like the price of books is only going higher? We feel your pain and this is why we created Bookbag. Speculators like big corporate websites or giant booksellers drive the prices of books up. We cut those parties out and put customers together with others customers to make sales for the lowest price possible.

Want to sell a book? It's easy, Get Started . Want to rent out a book? You can do that too. Have you written a book and want to sell it? You can upload it as a PDF and sell it on Bookbag. The PDF upload is great for professors who want to distribute lecture notes to students too!

Want to search for a book? No problem. Search by ISBN, author, or keyword. Want to browse for a book? Do that by genre, language, or what's new.

Welcome to the Bookbag community. We encourage you to explore and interact with other Bookbaggers. Let's lower the cost of books together!